Gray Manor Hotel and Wedding Venue Virtual Tour

If you’re looking for the perfect beautiful and romantic location for your big day, Gray Manor is the perfect solution.  With flexible seated banqueting space for up to 150 guests in a stunning environment with views out over our huge gardens, a great dance area perfect for either live music or a DJ, and a license to play music and serve alcohol until late.

Wedding Venue Virtual Tour

It’s Wedding Season!!

A virtual tour is a fantastic way to give access to your venue online 24/7 – 365 days a year access to your establishment, fully prepared for a full wedding viewing.  The first thing loving couples to be do is frantically search online going through numerous venues that stick out to them screaming “I am the one”.  This involves numerous enquiry phone calls also.  By having a Google virtual tour you reduce your calendar viewings freeing you up time to focus in other areas, and grant instant access to couples to engage and navigate throughout the wedding venue as if you were there with them.

A Google virtual tour saves you time, and ensures the calls you DO receive, are of a better lead quality since customers would’ve already walked through your venue via the Google Virtual tour.  This means, customers who contact you are more likely to book.  Saving you time!!

Get in contact with Simon on 07736282698 to arrange a free site survey and book in your virtual tour.